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Monthly Rewind: April 2019

Hi there, I’m back with another monthly rewind post! I literally, and I mean just literally, got back from my trip to Japan today. Anyway here’s what I’ve had on repeat in April…

1. PUP — Kids

Ok, I know what you’re thinking…PUP?! AGAIN?! Yes. PUP. Again. In my last monthly rewind post, I mentioned that PUP would be releasing a new album and BOY OH BOY did they deliver. I am obsessed with their newest album, Morbid Stuff, and you should be too.

2. worlds greatest dad — asshole song

I discovered worlds greatest dad a couple months ago when someone told me to check them out after I had tweeted about how excited I was about a tour headlined by another band they were opening for. I needed someone music to download to my phone for an upcoming flight and I am so glad that their latest album, get well soon, was one of them. Right now they’re on tour with Tiny Moving Parts and Free Throw. They aren’t making a stop in Philadelphia this time around, but you can check out a list of their other upcoming tour dates here.

3. Oso Oso — The Plant Mouth

Not to be dramatic, but I don’t think Oso Oso has ever put out a bad song? This is an oldie but goodie I’ve been listening to a lot lately from Long Island emo band Oso Oso that’ll hit you in the feels. Every. Single. Time. They’re currently on a stacked tour ft. Citizen, Knuckle Puck, and Hunny. Catch them in Philadelphia at Union Transfer on May 16.

4/5. Bad Bad Hats — Midway AND Things We Never Say

Two songs from the same band?! Yes. I discovered Bad Bad Hats while they were opening for The Front Bottoms back in 2017 and recently I’ve been listening to these two songs pretty much nonstop, so I just couldn’t pick one. Both of these songs are off of their first LP, Psych Reader, which came out waaay back in 2015. I know it’s been four years since it came out, but it’s still a good album. They just dropped a new EP called Wide Right and will be hitting The Saint in Asbury Park on May 14.

6. Belmont — 731

An oldie, but goodie from Chicago pop punk band, Belmont. They’r currently on tour with Hot Mulligan, Kayak Jones, Fredo Disco, and Future Teens. Catch them at the Foundry in Philadelphia on May 24.

7. Wallows — Are You Bored Yet? (ft. Clairo)

This is totally random, but I’m pretty sure I found out about Wallows through some kind of ad? And I want to say it was on Twitter? And I saw it and I was like oh shit that guy from 13 Reasons Why is in a baaaaaand?!?!

Anyway, I was curious so I looked them up and I’m glad I did. They just so happen to have recently released their debut album, Nothing Happens. Funny enough, the ad that I saw a couple months ago when I first heard about them was advertising their upcoming show in Philadelphia at Union Transfer on May 6.


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