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Philadelphia Music Venue Bucket List

Funny story about this all came about…I was playing around with the idea of doing a blog post about my favorite Philadelphia Music Venues. Then I thought about maybe doing a post about Philadelphia venues accompanied by my thoughts and basic overviews of each (ie. how the bathrooms are, what the drink situation is, how hot it gets inside when crowds are rowdy, etc etc). So I decided to see just how many venues there are in Philadelphia and well….there’s a lot. Which was no surprise to me.

Anyway, I recently started coming up with some things for my summer bucket list (you’ll come to realize I’m all about my lists) and since there’s quite a few venues I haven’t gone to for shows yet, I thought how fun would it be to try and go to every venue there is in Philadelphia?! Not necessarily all in one summer, but more so while I’m living in Philadelphia or to be more specific over the course of the year since I just renewed my lease.

I started by googling “list of philly music venues” and came across a list on Rock On Philly that was published in 2017. I figure this is a good place to start. Not sure how I’m going to track my progress just yet, but I’ve started by putting checks next to the venues I’ve already seen shows at. Anyway, stay tuned for a blog post about my favorite music venues in Philadelphia and/or a post about Philadelphia music venues accompanied by my thoughts and basic overviews!!



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