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New Monthly Rewind Series: March 2019 Edition

Hello, hello, hello. I am back…two months later after my first blog post, but back nonetheless. One of the main things I’ve struggled with when it comes to starting a blog for a long time was whether or not I wanted it to be a lifestyle blog or one that was strictly about music and events in and around Philadelphia; for the love of Philadelphia ; )

There were pros and cons for each — the main one for strictly being a music blog was that I could remain anonymous and not be embarrassed by what I put out. Then I thought, well maybe I can have a lifestyle blog AND a separate blog that was strictly about music. But as of right now, that just doesn’t make sense for me. So…here we are — with my name plastered all over the site (HELLO JAMIEAYLENE).

The point is that regardless of what direction I wanted to go in with this whole venture I knew for certain I wanted to incorporate music at come capacity. Hence, this new series I’m introducing of monthly rewinds, where the first week of each new month I go back and highlight some of the songs I’d been listening to the month prior. Sound confusing? Probably. Think of it as my March Spotify Wrapped Playlist, but instead of Spotify it’s my blog and instead of it being “wrapped” it’s being “rewinded”.

verb: rewind; 3rd person present: rewinds; past tense: rewound; past participle: rewound; gerund or present participle: rewinding
wind (a tape or film) back to the beginning

Here !! We !! Go !!

1. Free Throw — Smokes, Let’s Go

I’m a BIG Free Throw fan. And I’m not sure why but back in January I went through a phase where I listened to nothing but Free Throw. And I mean…Nothing. But. Free. Throw. They recently dropped their new album, What’s Past is Prologue, and will be hitting the road this fall with Seaway, Heart Attack Man, and Young Culture. Catch them in Lancaster at the Chameleon Club on April 24.

2. Kississippi — Cut Yr Teeth

This one is a bit of a throw back as Kississippi released this single last year along with her album, Sunset Blush aka one of my all time favorite albums of 2018. FEELS FEELS FEELS. She’s currently on tour with Caroline Rose that unfortunately doesn’t include a Philly date, BUT you can catch her playing a show with Laura Stevenson in Philadelphia at PhilaMOCA on May 23. Not from the actual greatest city in the world? Check out a full list of her upcoming tour dates here.

3. Dance Gavin Dance — Headhunter

Not even one year after releasing their newest album, Artificial Selection, Dance Gavin Dance is at it again with another B O P. No one’s really sure if this is a B-side from Artificial Selection or a hint towards a new album, either way I’m a happy gal. You can catch the band at the Electric Factory (ok Franklin Music Hall but C’MON) in Philadelphia on April 13.

4. nothing, nowhere. — Ornament

This is a band that people let me sleep on for so long…that is, until I saw them open for Real Friends at the TLA on their Spring 2017 tour. Side note: GO EARLY TO SEE AND SUPPORT OPENING BANDS!!

This isn’t exactly a new song or anything, but they did just drop a new single called “Call Back” which you can go find yourself on YouTube or, I guess, find here.

5. PUP — Kids

Toronto punk rockers PUP will be dropping their newest album, Morbid Stuff, THIS FRIDAY (April 5). And “Kids” is just one of the songs they’ve shared from it. I’ll be away when they make their stop at Union Transfer in Philadelphia (BIG SAD) on April 29 with Diet Cig and Ratboys, so send me videos or whatever. Check out the rest of their tour dates here.

6. Modern Baseball — The Waterboy Returns

Moment of silence for the former Philadelphia band. This is an oldie but goodie I’ve been listening to a lot lately from the ever so perfect The Perfect Cast EP.


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