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The Art of New Beginnings — New Year, New Blog?

Hi, I’m Jamie. I’m not good at intros or talking about myself really, but we all have to start somewhere right?

Let’s backtrack a little. You see, I’ve tried starting a new blog about five times now and, as you can (probably) guess, I haven’t really been successful at keeping up with it. I mean if that were the case than this blog would be eight years old and I wouldn’t be writing this introductory post.

SO here are the main reasons why (I think) I have yet to keep at it:

I’m not really sure what my niche is

A lot of blogs or bloggers I feel have their own focus, or niche, in a particular subject whether it be fashion or travel or cooking or lifestyle or or or — basically the list goes on and on and on. And apparently finding the right niche is an extremely important thing when it comes to a blog. Or at least that’s what I keep reading.

There’s the whole being vulnerable thing.

Writing and blogging involves sharing experiences and thoughts and things we feel. It means sharing. I struggle with allowing myself to be vulnerable outside my writing too. I struggle with the idea of showing people my weaknesses, with the
idea of making people aware of the fact that they’ve hurt me, and with the idea of being in love.

It’s not a fear I think I’ll ever get over, but it’s something I can choose to face.

Oh yeah, and the thing about the lack of confidence in my writing ability.

Blank screens? Intimidating as HECK. I’ll just get right to it. I care what people think. If I didn’t, then I wouldn’t be insecure about it. But there will always be people who don’t like what I do and there will always be people who love what I do…maybe. I don’t know.

ANYWAY remember when I said earlier that we all have to start somewhere? Well I’m starting here. Again.

The only difference is this year I’ve made it my New Year’s Resolution, or rather my goal for 2019 to write at least two blog posts a month.

What about? WHO KNOWS!!!

I haven’t quiiiiiite figured that out yet, but I’m starting to realize that this is probably going to be about a lot of trial and error.

Here’s what I do know:

I live in Philadelphia aka the greatest city in America aka GO BIRDS. I’m not going to go into TOO much detail about my life just yet or where I’m from or how I got here, but I moved to Philadelphia about six months ago and I’d love to use this blog as an excuse to get to know my city a little better than I do (i.e. trying new restaurants, going to cool events, finding hidden gems — YOU NAME IT)

I love music. Ok ok everyone loves music I know I’m not special. I’m an unapologetic fangirl and hype woman who thoroughly enjoys discovering new music and sharing what bands I’m currently digging. So stay tuned for some playlist of sorts. Maybe some concert recaps. Like I said who really know at this point. Hint: not me.

I’m plan to travel a bit more than usual this year. Another goal of mine is to travel to two places out of the country and two places in the country. I’m headed to puerto rico this month with my two best friends and a visit to Japan with my mom is currently in the works. As for trips in the States? I’m thinking Florida, Texas, or California. Again, stay tuned. But hey, I figured that’s four out of the twenty four blog posts right there. Plus this intro one makes five. WOOO PROGRESS.

I guess in a way I’m using this blog to help me reach my goals in 2019. You can find the whole list here, but they include traveling, writing, and taking more pictures. Honestly what better way to document that than in a blog — MY BLOG. At the end of the day this is a blog for me, by me. I’m excited to see how it goes and to learn what I like writing about.

Here’s to new beginnings and finding the courage to just start somewhere.


jamie aylene


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